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It should be clear by now that, for better or for worse, JavaScript is not slowing down.

Between server components, server actions, signals, compilers, and more, we're seeing new innovations pop up faster than most of us can handle.

The trick to avoiding the dreaded JavaScript fatigue is remembering that you can pick your lane: sure, you can live life on the cutting edge with the early adopters; but you can also keep a slower pace and focus on stable, mature technologies – and eventually get to the new hotness once it's had a couple years to cool down.

Speaking of taking it slow, you might be wondering why these 2023 survey results are being released six months into 2024. The truth is, between launching the new State of HTML survey, innovating new question formats, collecting more freeform data than ever, and rewriting a lot of our data visualization codebase, we ended up with a workload that was probably a bit too ambitious, to say the least.

Hopefully the result of all this extra effort will be worth it though. And we do plan on much faster turnarounds going forward.

With all this out of the way, let's discover what JavaScript has been up to lately!

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