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The 2023 State of JavaScript survey ran from November 22 to December 12 2023, and collected 23,540 responses. The results were published on June 20, 2024. The survey is run by Devographics, a collective consisting of me (Sacha Greif) and Eric Burel, as well as invited experts and open-source contributors.

The State of JavaScript logo and t-shirt were designed by Christopher Kirk-Nielsen.

Survey Goals

This survey was created to identify upcoming trends in the web development ecosystem in order to help developers make technological choices.

As such, the survey is focused on anticipating what's coming over the next few years rather than analyzing what's popular now, which is why features or technologies may sometimes be omitted even if they are currently widespread

It should also be taken as a snapshot of a specific subset of developers, and is not meant to speak for the entire ecosystem.

Survey Design

The survey was designed in part based on last year's survey, with an open feedback period where the survey outline was discussed on GitHub.

All survey questions were optional.

Survey Audience

The survey was openly accessible online and respondents were not filtered or selected in any way. Respondents were primarily a mix of respondents from past surveys (alerted through a dedicated mailing list) and social media traffic.

Note that frameworks, libraries, etc. were free to encourage their audience to participate in the survey and some of them did take advantage of this via banners, tweets, etc. A detailed breakdown of traffic sources is included in the "Sources" chart.

Project Funding

Funding from this project comes from a variety of sources:

  • T-shirt sales.

  • Sponsored links: the links to recommended resources at the bottom of each page are provided by our partners Frontend Masters and RenderATL.

  • Direct Funding: this year, Google funded my work on the survey.

Any contribution or sponsorship is greatly appreciated. we would especially like to work closely with more browser vendors, since they play such a central role in the web ecosystem.

Technical Overview

You can find a more in-depth technical overview of how the surveys are run here.